When you think of the word “priceless,” typically there are few things that come to mind things such as historical paintings, beautiful diamonds, customized cars and houses; things of the like. However, you’ll find upon personal reflection that truly priceless items are not materialistic at all. Personally, the most priceless things in life are the fleeting moments that form unforgettable memories and in which you feel undeniable amounts of love.

My first priceless item was when I was very young, I don’t believe I can give you an accurate age approximation. My father has always been a truck driver, and as a young girl there was no greater joy than riding along with him in the big rig. Sitting that high up, and looking around the world and seeing so many different sights and places was an indescribable feeling.

But one day, it was not my father but a stranger who brought this priceless moment into my memory. I loved the trucks that we saw everywhere we went, and along the road I saw many different trucks all with their own character. It happened to be at one of my favorite truck stops that we encountered this man and his wife. They too were on the road, headed home from yet another adventure. While in the parking lot, my dad and I commented on how absolutely beautiful his truck was. You see, he was an independent owner-operator, and his truck was (rightfully so) his most prized possession. However, we couldn’t help but notice one flaw, tiny as it might be. The peterbilt emblem was missing from one side. The man informed us that it had fallen off, but thankfully he was at a stop when it happened. We talked a bit more, and the emblem had been all but forgotten. As we got prepared to depart and go our separate ways, the man paused, and turned toward his truck. When he returned, he was holding in his hand the emblem that had fallen off of his rig. He handed it to me, and said that he would be happy if I could hold onto it and take good care of it for him. Truckers are very fond of their trucks, and this was his way of giving me some part of that pride. It was a piece of a peterbilt that I could have all to my own, and that moment when I first held the emblem was without a doubt, priceless.

There have been many more priceless moments in my life, and only being 22 years of age, I am hopeful that there are many more to come. I find them most when I am surrounded by my loved ones; my boyfriend wrapping his arms around me and the pure feeling of love that I find in that embrace, watching the 3-year-old Labrador that has been by my side (and trained by myself) retrieve a bird and the pride in her eyes that she was able to please me brings joy and a pride of my own to my heart.

All of these moments are my priceless memories… what memories are Priceless in your heart?



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